MonthJanuary 2016

MindMap Exporter

MindMap Exporter, affectionately called ‘Mapamajobber,’ is a BurpSuite Extender that is now available in the BApp Store.

MindMap Exporter is used to export a Burp session’s HTTP History to a comma-delimited and/or MindMap file. This aids with documentation of OWASP Testing Guide V4 tests OTG-INFO-007 (Map execution paths through application) and OTG-INFO-006 (Identify application entry points).

Options include filtering unique results, selecting only in scope requests, inclusion of parameters and inclusion of cookies.

Source code is open and available on GitHub, in my Burp repository.


Note that sample image maps the 2015 SANS Holiday Hack Challenge and was modified (Root node label and color-coding).

2015 SANS Holiday Hack Challenge

It is exciting to see the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge write-ups being shared. So I thought that I would share the write-up that I submitted. While I did not manage to compromise the final server, I did manage a lot of learning the fun that goes with progress. SANS and CounterHack did an incredible job creating the game, story and environments, as they do every year.

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