Airgraph-ng on Kali 2.0

Airgraph-ng does not install by default with aircrack-ng. Its main wiki page has not been updated for almost six years, but is still relevant and airgraph-ng does see a fix now and again. Getting it running on Kali 2.0 was straightforward enough, but did require a bit of troubleshooting.

Make install threw an error regarding ‘common.mak’ which does not exist. Instead of ‘make install’ it appears that ‘python install’ should be used for the installation now.

This almost gets you there. Airgraph-ng expects the path /usr/bin/airgraph-ng to be valid, so creating a link to the directory gets it going. The following commands should get airgraph-ng installed and running:

cd /opt
svn co
cd airgraph-ng
python install
ln -s /opt/airgraph-ng /usr/bin/airgraph-ng

Note that trying this on two installs, first time it is run it says that it is getting ‘oui.txt’. I had to let this run for a minute or two before killing it and being able to successfully create an image.

airgraph-ng CAPR


  1. Thanks! I’m not a linux guru and I would have given up if it were not for your article. I did find however, the link need to be moved to one of the follow:

    so all I did was update to
    ‘ln -s /opt/airgraph-ng /usr/local/share/airgraph-ng’ from above and I was all good

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