Wigle does not show a bias on commonly used/associated SSID for wifi. Performing a wireless survey for clients, you are often more concerned with the immediate site location’s spectrum analysis. But with a penetration testing, things get a bit more open. In order to aid with identifying potential targets devices, the portability and discretion of a Wifi Pineapple is superb. Additionally, canvasing an error and observing the demographics known SSIDs allows us to determine which SSIDs will be more likely to succeed. If AT&T is popular for broadband in the area, ‘attwifi’ is a great choice (representing 8.7% of my current sample size of 854 SSIDs). I wanted a way to¬†support broad research, as well localized results. So I wrote some Python.

If you are interested in profiling SSIDs, or just need a parser for PineAP log files, check out SsidyMetrics.